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We are your local dental handpiece repair company!

  • ​We repair all dental handpiece models

  • We refurbish all dental handpiece models

  • We maintain all dental handpiece models

  • We sell dental handpiece models

We also buy used dental handpieces and take trade in’s!


Our goal is to provide excellent service and top quality repairs. 
We provide free mailing labels and will turn highspeed repairs around in 24 hours. 
​Our inventory of parts allows us to get things turned around very quickly.


We stand behind our repairs with our warranty!

Request a Repair

Send in 5 or more handpieces 
and receive an additional 10% off your order.

We buy used handpieces and  take trade in’s!

Request your shipping kit today!

Our Guarantee

​In addition to the great service, we offer 4 to 6 month warranties. We stand behind our work.


We Make it Really Easy and Convenient








Use our Pre-Paid/Pre-Addressed Package

Handpieces are repaired the same day we receive them!

Every Handpiece is thoroughly Cleaned and Tested

We Ship them Back to You

We Stand behind our work with an industry leading Warranty

Technician available by phone or in person to answer all your handpiece related questions

We offer Maintenance Clinics or DVD’s to you and your staff.

We Service All Major

Handpiece Manufacturers